Her Dance

Three Word Wednesday lithe, grave, offend

She had been called to dance
and dance She did
lithe, swaying to the rhythm of wind
and season
stretching to receive sun’s gift
clothed to shelter
song and fruit
She rested and shed her colors
naked and weeping
silent and barren as the grave
as though She had offended
still standing proud and resolved
though heavy laden and dark
taking her bow, the dance o’er
the chilled sleep
no more applause

donning finery
a layer at a time, perfect designer
slowly awaken
curtains open, warmth drawn
once again She raises eyes and
a little taller, a little wider
growing in grace
She begins the dance again

17 thoughts on “Her Dance

  1. paschal

    Love the bend and sway of this beauty. Certainly works as an ode to seasons, but I like Her just as She is on the page, undefined, dancing. Loved “clothed to shelter / song and fruit”.

  2. MichaelO

    A dance without feet. And yet the tree dance is full of grace. I love the shelter of song and fruit. And the lifting of winter’s curtain so she may dance again. Beautiful, Dee!

  3. Dee

    thank you everyone 🙂 It was nineteen here this morning so seasons were very much on the mind. At least we don’t have the snowstorms to deal with – prayers for safety for all who do.

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