One Word: Wallpaper

I’ve been reading instead of writing and enjoying family time. It seems too easy to get out of the habit so here is a little something to hopefully get me started.  I hope all are well and warm and well fed this season.

One Word : wallpaper

The wallpaper was the last thing she saw.  How ironic.  It was the ugliest stuff she had ever laid eyes on and now she was dying and as she fell, she found herself laying there with her face to the wall.  Gold flocking on blue – it gave the whole room a greenish tinge, with reflections of the Christmas tree lights.  She thought about how she would look when they found her.

2 thoughts on “One Word: Wallpaper

  1. missalister

    Family time—good on ya, Dee!

    Love this freakish ditty. Obviously, wallpaper wreaks all manner of havoc—just came from Thom G’s place and I sure won’t forget reading Charlotte Perkins’ take on it!

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