Confusing Six Word Sentences

I clicked on a link to Show My Face where they have this six word sentence thing.  There was a sentence:

Beach Boys shouldn’t sing Christmas music

Turns out it was not prompt but the example.  By the time I figured that out I had already written several.  To be fair, I am sleepy and have a blue screamer of a headache but you can still feel free to laugh.  Here are my attempts:

California girls don’t ho ho ho.
Dashing through snow ain’t sunny fun.
Rhonda can’t help deck the halls.
Little deuce coup can’t hold Santa.

Maybe this needs a little more thought…

3 thoughts on “Confusing Six Word Sentences

  1. Dee Post author

    I was drinking the dregs which has been happening for the last week. Been reading more than writing, hoping something will break in the dam. The six word sentence thing is the result of too much surfing and not enough thinking LOL. Christmas break is badly needed for all of us in edu-land, eh professor? I’ll be visiting the music later – looks like you resolved your puter problems 🙂

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