Long Gone

Three Word Wednesday: hinder, rigid, journey

nothin hinders
past is cinders
ties cut, chains broken
goodbyes spoken
door unlocked
clock unclocked
loose the rigid
warm the frigid
burnt the bridges
we’re so gone
moving on
not even a shadow
not even the down low
cowboy left the rodeo
bodies on the gurney
we’re off on the journey
up that hill
catch the bus
peace out
from all of us

9 thoughts on “Long Gone

  1. Lilibeth

    I like it; you’ve turned what could have been a sad moment into an optimistic, joyful one. Even the rhythm of the poem contributes to the attitude.

  2. paschal

    I dig the groove, but methinks ain’t no way the past is cinders: that, you on the lakeside stoop, plastic plant days, the lost philosopher-girl – all gold.

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