One Word : Give

hand extended
words created
food offered
for the body, for the soul
we have so, are so, become so
but what we are
what we feel
what we say
with our lives
hear the rustle of wings
holding up
covering over
wrapping in words
in smallest gifts
in least of, last of
most broken
most bent
most healed
soft as feathers
fragile as snowflakes
strong as steel
fleeting as breath
forever as
the soul
the heart
the whatever it is
that keeps us
on this planet
face to face
back to back
hand in hand

Merry Christmas world.

3 thoughts on “Give

  1. paschal

    Merry Christmas world, indeed. Angels fell on you with this one, sister. A beauty, one for the fridge, for all the fridges. I hope you’ve read it aloud, folks gotta hear it…

    Lovely present for us all. muito obrigado…

  2. Dee Post author

    Ah, hope Mr. Baby had a paper crunching, ribbon tearing, junk food eating, eyes shining Christmas morning! We are at the tween time when children are grown but not enough to have grandchildren. I am looking forward to those days. Christmas and little people go together like chocolate and well, anything :)It IS good to have them home though…

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