Winding Thoughts

Three Word Wednesday: ambush, hideous, meddle

The serpent rolls lazily
winding through the synapses
poking in corners
wherever it likes
as though
as if
shouldn’t there be
things to keep to myself
hideous secrets unknown
kept hidden
the serpent waits in ambush
the moment, the second
I feel safe
that tongue flicks out
eye slits open
staring into the truth
meddling with the plans
the schemes
the final sigh
the lie
the dyed in the wool
the trying to be cool
just trying to
not hear the hiss
the whisper
the kiss
reptilian nonchalance
slithers hither and yon
shedding it’s skin
the hollow fragile left behind
for new and tender
crawls under the rock
charmed for once

16 thoughts on “Winding Thoughts

  1. paschal

    You’ve got the the rhythms, the repetitions, and the non-intrusive rhymes down, Ms Dee. This is one fine fancy dance.

    The internal rhymes in this couplet are delicious:

    reptilian nonchalance
    slithers hither and yon

  2. Dee Post author

    Thank you sir. You and missalister have me wrestling the snake and maybe it’s just the New Year’s thing, the reflecting back, the hoping forward, the reptilian nonchalance trying to be cool and act as though it doesn’t matter anyway…

  3. ThomG

    I like the overall feel to this. Reflective, yes, but more. I really liked the transition, “as though, as if.” Really great.

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank you Thom – tis the season for transitions and reflections and all that jazz. Thanks especially for the more, as though, as if!

  4. Dee Post author

    Tim – you may just be right about that…

    Lilibeth – guess he should be careful where he meddles right now!

  5. MichaelO

    I love the serpent metaphor for self-consciousness. Lost focus in the face vulnerability. I love:

    the final sigh
    the lie
    the dyed in the wool
    the trying to be cool

    Blessed Happy New Year, Dee!

    1. Dee

      thank you Michael – I wrote my last piece with music in mind. If you get a chance go back to the main site and give it a read. I don’t know anything abut music but if you wanted to play with it I would be tickled 🙂

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