Where You’re Bound

Something different.  Just because.

crossed that bridge when you came to it
made your peace, now here you sit
smashed your head til you made it fit
so why are you left with all these questions
seemed like you had it figured out
why are you left with empty fingers
on the road, on the road, to where you’re bound

footsteps echo on an empty road
heart bogged down by the heavy load
can’t read the lines cuz they’re all in code
so why make up all the foolish explanations
it’s all just so much light and sound
where do you think it’s gonna get you
on the road, on the road, to where you’re bound

retraced steps til you got back home
promised yourself you’d never roam
your heart can’t stay and your feet can’t go
so where will you look for deeper answers
when friends stop coming around
they only told you what you wanted
on the road, on the road, to where you’re bound

you were so sure that the path would always be there
that you could always read the signs
you were the one who said you’d never give in
or cared to color in the lines

pretty colors have all gone gray
no one to talk to, not much to say
the hours drag you through the day
so when did you stop hearing the music
and grow your feet into the ground
somewhere you lost those dancing shoes
on the road, on the road, to where you’re bound

6 thoughts on “Where You’re Bound

  1. paschal

    Dee, this is gorgeously sad, and I know it’s a road we all walk, round and away and round. My first hope in reading this was that it was not where you are now, but why wish that? This is a psalm, and the psalms need all the voices, the beauty-sad, the raging, and the oh so joyous. Thank you for this beauty.

    1. Dee

      Not now, poetry man. I was listening to Patty Griffin sad songs. Guess I have been there though, to know the place. I could hear it while I was writing it 🙂

  2. Dee

    Maybe Michael could do something with it – I don’t play anything but the mp3 player 🙂 “Long Black Limousine” had me by the throat. Good “girl needs a cry” music and don’t ask why – we just do sometimes 🙂

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