Sunday Scribbling# 197: Extreme and One Word: Latch

there’s always a catch
a stainless steel latch
locks you in
keeps you out
turn the handle
light the candle
there’s a light
that’s never shown on me
that’s what the song said
chorus and verse
birth to hearse
become the game
the rules
the same
the lame excuses of old
can’t, won’t, shouldn’t
couldn’t if I wanted to
rearrange the pieces
they still won’t fit
the picture is overrated
the cost prorated
the directions keep changing
like the landscape
like the superman cape
you need to fly
to try
don’t do extreme
moderation is key
in all things, they say
life swings like a pendulum
the wheel turns and
the wick burns
and smiles don’t pay the piper
now or later
you’re gonna come down
Joni sang it, knew it
we listened but did we
do it
we came for the banquet
all you can eat
that’s what the invite said
but we all cried
when the bill came due
we were still hungry
though the table looked pretty
it lured and drew
like a moth to flame
like children we came
grasping, shoving, like hounds
barking and growling for scraps
from the laps
of those that would have all
be all that, satin and lace
a pretty face
we wanted meat
sweet succor
but we settled for the package
the trappings
the wrapping
and got the empty box
the crumpled bag
the ragged sound
of our own tears
the years we could have
fed one another

12 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried

    I want to hear you live, performing this. It breathes and begs to be an audible poem as well as a read one.

    I love it, Dee. Just… wow. Love it.

    (btw, yes, Trevor was digging on the band Extreme. Whose famous ballad *I* happen to like. I just couldn’t resist letting him make fun of me!)

  2. Jae Rose

    ‘You need to fly to try’ – absolutley fantastic. As the others said the pace was absolutely in tune with the content. What a great start to another year of words! jae

  3. Lisa

    I keep reading this over and over and getting more each time. I agree with Susan, would like to hear this performed. It makes me think and delve into myself… great stuff.

  4. paschal

    I like the way this poem builds and releases down its length, lines that run, like couldn’t if I wanted to…the directions keep changing…and smiles don’t pay the piper…we came for the banquet…The tensions build leading into these lines, rhythms stopping and starting, then the running on. And then the bustling stops, with the punch (the realization) of the last eight lines.

  5. Linda May

    Wow what an appropriate posting for he prompt word. great stuff Dee.
    But ow I have one of those songs in my head,…. you know… the old Bee Gees one.Hahaha.

  6. Dee Post author

    yup – that song and several others were in my mind when I was writing this. I have always loved music and it’s always been lyrics that grabbed me. Thanks for stopping by and keep humming (You don’t know what it’s liiiikkke…)

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