For Paschal

wings of Healing
heaven’s ceiling
the cherubim of failure
leaning over the world
feathers unfurled
counters of cost
the lost
the tossed aside
witness to our lack
to what we take
and can’t give back
no way to measure
that which we treasure
without knowing
indescribable pleasure
moments of joy
found in the showing
singing us
choirs of hosts
holding us up
turning our failings
our railing against the dark
shining glorious light
on the fight
the battle
the war
opening the door
the core
soul survivors
of mistakes untold
loving the unloved
rest awaiting above
rest soft as down
weary we roam
left here alone
til we trudge home
enfolded in feathers

3 thoughts on “For Paschal

  1. paschal

    Dee: What a very cool and lovely gift, and what a healing poem. I felt enfolded in feathers. You certainly captured their presence, and our wanderings beneath. Beautiful. Mil gracias, amiga.

  2. Dee

    Your phrase : cherubim of failure – stayed with me. It wouldn’t go away until I wrote this. Maybe now it will go to sleep 🙂

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