TCEA 2010 Session 3 Blogging Basics and Beyond

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Session 3

blogging basics and beyond
Tammy Worcester
walk through on creating a blog on blogger
name, address
check address availability
enter the captcha letters
choose theme or template
can always change it later
blog has been created – you can start blogging
add a post and then you can view the blog

different ways you can post to the blog
you see the tools, pencil and the new post button – only the blog owner sees those
you can remove parts like some of what is on the sidebar.

igoogle – search for blogger
add gadget that allows you to post to blogger right from igoogle

go to customize
you can set up a scheduled post like all your spelling words or a tech tip per week
go to link for email and mobile
ignor send address  (you can have it email people every time you post here)
scroll down to posting options
create “a mail to” email address
you can send a blog post from any email account

can set it up to require word verification and if it should email you when you get a comment and you have to approve it – moderated

some new blogger settings
you can now create pages of static information (up to ten static)

jump break
lets you just show partial posts
lets you record your voice, listen and if you are happy with it click post on the internet
you will get some embed code to paste into your blog.

more embeddables:

youtube video
delicious tags
flickr slide shows
issuu upload a pdf and makes an ebook
chat room meebo

teacher ideas
weekly newsletter
sharing student work
spelling lists
teaching tips
a blog of widgets
resources for parents
feedback from parents
lesson plans
absent student info

teacher and student blog ideas
reading response journal
gathering data
photo essays
younger students – post pic of something green for example


The best “new” information here was that you can now set up the email address in blogger that you want posts emailed to.  If you are using blogger with your class your students will not have to log in to the actual blog.  They just email their posts in.  You then set it to notify you whenever a post comes in and you can moderate what appears in the blog.  Much easier and better control.

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