TCEA Session 2 Using Mobile Technology To Differentiate Instruction

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TCEA Session 2
Using Mobile Technology To Differentiate Instruction
Karen Fasimpaur
students in high school bored – not relevant, too easy, too difficult,
below grade level performance
high absenteeism
high drop out rates
text book not the best too for differentiating instruction
potential solution
mobile devices facilitate tutorials, practice activities, mini-lessons, projects
research says
student choice
for product and process
information chunks
language support
linked glossaries
different levels of text
graphic organizers
multiple practice opportunities
multimedia = engagement
tech options
ebook readers
mp3 players
mobile video players
cell phones
easier to integrate
brings equity for students who don’t have access to tech at home
gives privacy for students to learn at their own pace
One to one
-activity oriented design
backward design approach
Understanding by design

1. identify desired results
2. determine acceptable evidence
3. plan learning experiences and instruction

software, content and lessons
virtual field trips

to read ebook – software to read an ebook and the content

microsoft reader

change color of text and size

interact with the text

add text, annotate, highlight
text to speech
some have synced actual speech
service for special needs students

grammar and sentence diagramming
ebook they have developed
scaffolding and remediation built in
kids will navigate independently

free some are available in public library
more and more are being made available
usually mobipocket
austin library has tumblebooks? free ebooks  middle school level mostly

java used for interactive ebooks

kindle annotations – use with kindle app for pc and you can import into word – she didn’t talk about that – it is fairly new.

Audio books
research shows effective for improved reading
appropriate for special needs students
linked to gutenberg mostly

mini movies
3-5 minute clips
information chunks
video is very passive needs a way to engage
showed video where a word is shown, pronounces then a hand pointing and the student is to say the word
math – algebra 2 step equation
talking whiteboard movie
shows the math problem worked out step by step
record audio later and put it together
can use graphics tablet for writing
have students create the movies
watchknow (started by one of the guys who started wikipedia)
make your own
have students make their own

writing project – grammar instruction
load powerpoints on a website where students can put them on their mobile devices

multimedia files posted online
students can subscribe
lots of free content available
wide variety of content
can be played on many platforms
allows time shifting
great tool for student project creation
links to great podcasting examples on the website

graphic organizers
inspiration (commercial) can go back and forth between graphic and outline
can be used individually or collaboratively
challenge to web 2.0 – system to use usernames and passwords

google docs
or school version – google apps
grant writing
collaborative lesson planning
group projects

cell phones

quick ideas – text, photo, voice

smart phones vs. not smart phones

educational applications

photo blogging

take picture with your phone and text it to your blog

wordpress – they host – hosted by you

google sms text define mobile 466453

instant response system poll everywhere

voice thread