Greenback Smack

One Word: Cash

Sunday Scribbling: Ethics

We don’t take no credit cards
round here
your money ain’t no good
the cost can’t be
calculated or
spread on a sheet
just justified
balance owed
toe to toe the line
you will pay
oh yes you will
everybody does but
turn out your pockets
nothing but lint
what you thought you’d won
the taste, the sweet, the syrupy
goodness that turned
to sawdust in your mouth
and crumbled like
west Texas dirt
only to cough up the price
the ice
the nice piece of change
we need one
and it will come
cash only
no returns, no refunds
no re-runs
some things only come round once
make our heads spin
the delicate cycle
down and down into
deep pockets
empty sockets
no peeking without
a ticket
a tick tock clock
pay by the hour
time is money
and time is running out

7 thoughts on “Greenback Smack

  1. Dee Post author

    It’s the right time of year for the taxes no? If it’s only about the money then we all end up dry as west Texas dust don’t we.

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