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Three Word Wednesday CLXXVIII: Generate Meager Tease

When Ryall could breathe again he suggested Lolly show Kystel around, where to sleep and where they kept their meager stash of clothing.  Emelia and Arkin went to eat while Ryall and Sloan helped Ralph carry his finds to his workshop.

They carried odd pieces of metal and glass and wire, things he was too tired to try to identify.  Ralph was happy and that was what mattered.  Lolly would help Kystel get settled.  He was tired.  He had been more worried about how Kystel and the others would fit together.

“See you in the morning Ralph.”  Ralph was already turning to the stuff on his workbench.

“Get some sleep, okay?”  He said the words but he knew Ralph would work all night.  He got involved and lost track of time.  They often found him sleeping up in the machinery or with his head on the bench.  He would forget to eat if they didn’t remind him.

Sloan slapped Ryall on the back. “You are wasting your breath man.  I’m gonna go crash.”

Ryall told Sloan goodnight and went for one last walk around to check things.

He climbed the stairs to a hallway that led to some more stairs and opened onto the roof. He came up here at night when he needed to think and this was one of those times. He sat down on the roof next to the access, in the shadows.  He could see the lights from an airship off in the distance.  The steam the underground generators released by vents in the street bathed the city streets in a foggy glow. Buildings stabbed up out of the mist with no solid ground below them.  They were in the clouds and it gave him a sense of peace.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. The quiet was interrupted by crying.  He listened for a moment trying to pin down where the sound was coming from.

He got up and walked to the edge of the roof behind the access.  “You’ve had a long day.”  It was a statement.  Kystel had flown, moved to a new place, met new people, and of course, there was Emelia.

Kystel nodded.  “Sorry.  I didn’t want to bother anyone.  I just needed a little time.”

Ryall scratched his head and sat down by her.  “Look, Emelia can be meaner than a snake but she really doesn’t mean it.  She is still learning how to use her gift.  Healing is work.  She acts tougher than she really is.”

Kystel rubbed her hands on her face.  “It isn’t Emelia.  I can kind of understand her reaction.  This is her home and her family.” There was a tremble in her voice when she said family.

Ryall took her hand.  “Look I know you miss your family.  We all had family that we left, either voluntarily or by force.”

Kystel thought about what he said.  She worried about her brother. What if she had stayed and her parents found out about her wings.  Would they have thrown her out?  “Look, I appreciate you bringing me here.  I hope I can fit in and I know it isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’ll try not to be a crybaby, if you will tell me what I can do to help.  I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.”

“You won’t be.  There are others out there who may need us.  We have plans and you can help us.  It’s going to be great to have company in the air.  It will be worth anything to see you fly away from Emelia the next time she mouths off.”

Kystel liked it when he teased her.  He had not let go of her hand and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. They sat for awhile in silence, watching the lights of the city.  It was a warm night and Ryall and Kystel fell asleep and dreamed of skies where they could fly in sunlight without the threat of Mekaneks.

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  1. Dee Post author

    Thanks – you were quick on the jump – I went back and did a little editing. I am quick on the jump too and often hit publish before I should.

  2. peggy

    I have a soft spot for stories with winged people. I don’t have time now, but I will come back and follow this thread.

    Though, walking in on part 6 without reading parts 1-5 (or not placing them in my head if I have read some of them in prior weeks), I did have a hard time following the names and the action taking place. The last paragraph clarified some of my questions.

    Not a criticism, but for this to stand alone, it needs a little more. BUT, if your community of readers is following the story each posting and stays current, this is a beautiful place to visit.

  3. Lilibeth

    I had to go to the previous entry and catch up on the first part of the story…then I had to re-read the story looking for the words. They fit so nicely it took me a third time to find them. Way to go.

  4. paschal

    I see you’re gathering a nice tribe of readers for this beauty of a story. The 3WW prompt-words didn’t even register: always the best way to incorporate them.

    There are echoing parallels with James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series, the first book of which we read last year with the entire upper school: a detestable read, it was: mechanical, puerile writing.

    “Night Wings,” on the other hand, is a wonderful redemption for the truly gifted.

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