Night Wings part 5

Sunday Scribblings #203 – When Pigs Fly

The boy on the back of the bike stared from Kystel to Emelia, then at Ryall.

Lolly rolled her eyes and put her arm around Kystel.  “Kystel, this is Emelia.  You’ll have to excuse her.  She hasn’t been around people much and her manners are a little rusty.”  She looked pointedly at Emelia.

Emelia dropped her arm and glared at Ryall for a moment, then stepped forward.
“Nice to meet you.”  The words were welcoming.  The tone was anything but.

“Hi.”  Kystel answered without a smile.  She glanced at Ryall.  He brought her here.  The next move was his.

“So what kind of freak is she?”  The boy put his hand on Emelia’s shoulder.
“She’s a flyer, like Ryall.”  He said.

Kystel stared at him and then at Ryall.  “How did he know that?”

Ryall introduced them. “Kystel, meet Arkin.  One of his gifts is the ability to see “freaks” and identify their gifts. “

“Wow.  I bet the Mekaneks would love to get their hands on him.”  Kystel said.  “What about her?”  Kystel nodded her head in Emelia’s direction.

“None of your business, freak!”  Emelia was smiling now.  She seemed to enjoy being a pain.
“She is a healer.”  Sloan said grinning. Lolly had her hand over her mouth and even Ralph had stopped looking anxious and started to smile.  Ryall looked away and Kystel tried not to laugh.  Arkin was the first one to give.  In a moment they were all laughing.  Emelia tried not to but even she finally loosened up.

“She’s really very good.”  Ryall sputtered. “You might need her sometime!”

Kystel still laughing put her hands on her hips. “That will happen the day I play poker with the twins!”

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16 thoughts on “Night Wings part 5

  1. old egg

    This is really great now that we are getting into the characters, working out their attributes and foibles. The trouble is you are just teasing us with about 300 words. Surely it is time to give us 1000 words to really get our teeth into.

    Love it.

    1. Dee Post author

      you too, Paschal – rain and snow showers predicted for this evening. I will probably spend it in front of the fireplace. Maybe fireplace dreaming will take me into part six 🙂

  2. Archna

    This is such creative dialogue, Dee. I think that I am connecting three excerpts that I’ve read here. Good stuff! I’d love to read your synopsis!

    1. Dee Post author

      At the bottom of the post are the tags for this story. If you click on nightwings you should bring up all five parts and you can read from beginning to end. I’m so glad you are enjoying the story.

  3. Miss Alister

    Whoa, I had some catching up to do here, but it was so worth it! These Night Wings installments are great. You could write YA easy, Dee! Besides sci-fi, fantasy’s a genre you excel at, your Simon series an additional case in point. Oh! And thank you to the ends of the earth for retweeting my Wasted Space announcement! You are the sweetest : )

    1. Dee Post author

      from your lips to God’s ears. That IS the goal. No problem with the re-tweet. I’m still learning about twitter 🙂

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