Harry Makes His Own Happiness

Fiction in 58, and Three Word Wednesday CLXXX Modify, Obedient and Veil

Harry tinkered, making the last few modifications.  She was perfect. He fell in love halfway through the build.  Plans for the wedding were made, down to the dress and veil.  He thought she would be an obedient wife.  Ever since her clockwork heart started beating on it’s own, Alice had her own idea about who was in charge.

15 thoughts on “Harry Makes His Own Happiness

  1. b

    Perfect fit for the words! Don’t think these are the best three in a while. No post for me but I am enjoying reading everyone elses this week.


  2. Dee Post author

    buahaha Loving the comments 🙂
    Thanks everyone, when I first saw the words I thought – what am I going to do with those? Then poor lonely Harry whispered in my ear….

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank professor – wondering if it is spring break down south as well? I am looking forward to a week with no alarm clock and hopefully not too much planned activity. Feeling very lazy!

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