Night Wings 12 Trouble

Sunday Scribbling 210: deadline

This takes place right after a meeting where we are introduced to Ryall’s father and a little back story in Night Wings part 8

After the meeting Thomas smirked at Joshua.  “You aren’t fooling me.  I know your son is one of them. You got a soft spot in your heart for them kids?”

Joshua stiffened.   “You accusing me of something?” He locked eyes with Thomas, tension in every muscle.

Thomas smiled and held his hands up. “Should I be?  All this talk about citizens just caring about their own lives.  Seems to me like you were just changing the subject.  You ever hear from that boy of yours?”

Joshua shook his head.  “Be careful Thomas.  You are coming dangerously close to crossing a line. If you had proof of anything, we wouldn’t be standing here talking.”

“You’re right. I don’t have proof of anything.  Yet.”  He turned on his heel and walked out the door of the conference room.

Once out in the hall, Thomas waved Sam Toland over.  “Hey Sam, how’s it going?  How about going for a cup a coffee?” He clapped Sam on the shoulder.

Sam  turned to Thomas, startled. “Gee Thomas, I don’t know.  My wife will have supper waiting.”

Thomas put his arm around him and pulled him along. “Just one cup and a little chat.  You’ll be home by the time the table is set.”

Thomas found them a booth in the back and ordered coffee from the waitress. “Thanks honey, now go on if you want a tip.”  He winked at her and turned back to Sam without noticing her rolling her eyes as she turned away.  “Now let me see, Oh yeah, you voted for Joshua in the last election, didn’t you?”

Sam stirred cream into his coffee.  “You know our vote is private, Thomas.  Why are you asking?”

Thomas was spooning sugar into his own cup.  He stirred and took a sip.  “I just wondered if you have noticed how Joshua never wants to discuss the “reborns” problem.”

Sam set his cup down. “I’m not sure what you’re getting at.’

Thomas leaned back against the vinyl seat. “Easy there, Sam.  I’m not getting at anything.  Just making an observation.”

Sam frowned and scratched his head. “Look, I haven’t really noticed anything and this makes me a little nervous.  Joshua has never done anything to make me doubt him.”

Thomas patted Sam’s hand with his own big paw.  “Hey, no big deal.  I was just wondering.  Just forget I said anything.  Tell you what.  You get on home to the wife and I’ll get this.  Say hello to Helen for me.”

Sam nodded and grabbed his hat and left.

Thomas left exact change for the coffee on the table and left the shop. He whistled as he strolled down the street, thinking and planning.  No use making a frontal attack when you can just plant a few seeds of doubt.  He smiled to himself.  Those kids could be useful if we could figure out ways to control them.  First step, get Joshua out of power.  No deadline here.  He could bide his time.

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This weeks class was all about dialogue and using attributes and “beats”.  Fun stuff.

21 thoughts on “Night Wings 12 Trouble

  1. old egg

    Hey! All that is going on now in South Australian politics, if only we had Ryall and the reborns to really stir things up.

    One of the pleasures of reading your and my other favorite bloggers work is the anticipation of reading each new post.

    1. Dee Post author

      Evidently it doesn’t matter what hemisphere you reside in, politics is a prime example of the inmates running the asylum. Thanks for your visit – I have been neglecting Night Wings and am a little sidetracked by Jae and Aedan and Simon in the Wolf Moon series 🙂

  2. Linda May

    Inmates running the asylum…I like that. Did you know my Hubby works at the local prison,and my god at the moment this term applies soooo…. well, how topical. Hahaha.

  3. Jae Rose

    I like the subtle inclusion of ‘deadline’ here. Kind of reverse psychology…now I’m thinking of ‘District 9’ when I read this..although your piece is more poestic..Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      Thanks Jae – was it you that asked if I had read Charles de Lint? I’m reading Moonheart right now and loving it. I think I have a new favorite author!

  4. Gel

    I’m intrigued. (I used that word before looking above me, too.) Now I need to ditch my deadlines to read the rest! Enjoyed.

  5. chrisd

    The conversation between the politician Thomas and Sam the family man goes on all the time in little secret places.

    This is well done. You seem to have quite the story building.

  6. Kate

    Wonderfully done–the suspense is building… and I LOVE the way he left exact change on the table. Perfect!

    1. Dee Post author

      He was just that kind of guy wasn’t he? I waited tables for awhile years ago. You could almost tell from the start who would leave a decent tip and who would stiff you.

  7. Dee Post author

    thanks everyone. Now I need to go back and do some re-writes on some past pieces. It was fun to work with this using mostly dialogue. I feel like I have made a little progress and learned something.

  8. paschal

    Villains and assholes can be a lot of fun to write. Especially if the villains are bad tippers. No tippers, that is. Be sure and enjoy your villains, girl.

    1. Dee

      Oh I did (am) – Thomas was pure fun to write. He nearly appeared fully grown on the paper all by himself. Lots of examples out there dontcha know!

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