Tartan Festival

We spent the day in a pasture in Athens La. at the Northeast Louisiana Scottish Association Tartan Festival and here is a video of one of the bands.   The band is called Needfire and they are from Dallas.  Amazing. I could feel the didgeridoo vibrate in my chest.  We watched the fiddler completely wear out a bow.  I completely wore out my ankles tapping my feet and my hands ache from clapping.

The weather was perfect and I had a haggis plate for lunch.

My grandmother would have loved this.

I loved how in the middle of rocking things out they would all of a sudden throw Scotland The Brave on the pipes into the mix.  These guys had enough energy to power the lights in a small town.

Daughter gets credit for the photography 🙂

Also at the festival:

Alex Beaton

Smithfield Fair

Jed Marum

5 thoughts on “Tartan Festival

  1. paschal

    Google-mapped Athens: I see it’s over near your old Minden stomping grounds. Wondered if you all took the back roads or boogied down the big highway. A day for road trips. Time just for a taste of Needfire; have to come back for the rest. Like the middle photo of the fiddle player leaping while playing.

    1. Dee Post author

      the fiddler is 21 and has been playing for ten years. He was up in the air nearly as much as he was on the ground. Out through the crowd, hair flying. He was as fun to watch as he was to listen to 🙂

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