Hide and Seek

One single Impression: Vicarious

we peek around the tree
to see who’s peeking back
and are they smiling
sitting by the window breeze
the pen the page
the writing freeze the scene
is what it is and we
are not within
but lookers only
looky look we see and write
we are not in the scene tonight
but eyes have ears
and fingers agile as the mind
allows them to be a moment
please can you repeat
I think I missed that beat
put down the pen
and come outside the sun
in shining down and warm
and you can hide behind
the tree
and I will find you peeking
out and smile
home free

3 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. paschal

    My goo’ness, Holy Spirit got you today, girl. Holee Gho Powa!, sez the preacher at the beginning of Duval’s The Apostle. You just scattin’ to beat the band on this one.

    and fingers agile as the mind: yes.

    Amen to this: looky look we see and write . . .

  2. Dee Post author

    oh The Apostle. Duval was a pistol in that. This one was just fun. Both kids home this weekend, writing between doing everyone’s laundry, playing “Things” (not a childrens game) and listening to Climb Every Mountain being sung horribly by a lady and her portable keyboard at the Italian Bistro. Even grown kids want you to put aside your work and come play.

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