Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie #2

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first lines of Norman Dubie poems

His chapel fell into flowers long ago.
a holy land of milk and honey
righteous anger nearly felled them all
eyes refusing to see creation color
wandering lost on the other side of
a wall he built one brick at a time
unknowing, stiff and alone
no sin to confess makes
a cold unforgiving heart of weeds
nothing blooms like faith
or breeds tenderness like
grace extended toward good soil
he refused to reach out his hand
but the garden grew anyway
tended by others

1 thought on “Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie #2

  1. paschal

    Beautiful psalm, the return of (human) nature to Nature, edifice a relic that fails in relation to the larger Hand, faith and grace – milk and honey – in the soil, in the garden, not behind brick walls. I’d say you’ve got plenty of material for your first chapbook.

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