Behind the Mask

One single Impression: Mask and One Word: Castaway

behind the trappings
slapped on skin
the laces and velvet
the denim and boots
lift up the petals and leaves
to the roots
cast away the chaff
but keep the meaty part
the heart the chocolate
covered inside is the best
the test of all
time stands still for
the tender shoot that pokes
it’s little green head up
well the world just runs over
us and leave potholes but still
the center holds
are you in there
is anybody home
echoes if you look under the
bed but out here
we be sailing along
the song keeps playing
I’m just saying

2 thoughts on “Behind the Mask

  1. paschal

    . . . but out here / we be sailing along . . .

    I keep going back for more in this poem: “lift up”, “meaty part,” “well the world just runs over”. It feels as if it were written on the run, diving quick and fast into something meaty. And chocolate.

  2. Dee

    Keeping a mask on or a facade up requires a lot of running – stand still too long and your slip shows or you end up with your skirt tucked into your pantyhose – onstage…

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