Just Breathe

One Word: Joyful

and riff off a friend’s twitter post – for you Tony 🙂

bubbling over all around
it just wells up from who knows
where or cares because
it’s here and when it comes you
just gotta squeeze the juicy juice
into the glass that’s more than
half full, it’s spilling over
getting all the goody sweetness
everywhere and covering
a multitude of sins the ins
and outs of all the shouts
of glory hallelujah boys we
sing because we can and why
shouldn’t we lift our voices
lift our hands and let
the pretty balloons go flying
trying to touch the clouds
we fly with them another day
and looking down on tops
of trees and breezes blowing
smiles are showing who
we are and want to be
at least today we’re joyful
grateful to just breathe

4 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. paschal

    Happy writing it indeed: and happy reading it. I love how it gathers its steam in the first eight lines and then it’s like you sky dive into a deep cavern, that glorious hymn of all the rest of your lines, joyous joyful.

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