Perfectly flawed

Read Write Poem prompt #21: perfectly flawed

smiling faces sweet
blanket pulled back the
family complete
she is perfect they said
look at that face they said
they kissed her and she was
their heart they said
daddy’s girl
apple of mama’s eye
healthy all the fingers, toes
and she would grow
and all their hope pinned
on the perfect little
sweet smiling face

she went to him and said
can you fix this
this part you know is much too big
far apart, too small she said
and happiness is just a bit
of change away
my life is almost perfect see
if I could just become the me
that I would like to find
it’s there you know I
see it in the edge
of the mirror
can you fix this
she went to him and said


to look down through
the time that passed
the memories that hold
fast to the heart are those
that share the inside part
not mirror glass
but pictures of the love
that grew and family
friends, laughter too
the mirror now shows
crows feet paths
more than dna science
or make up life carves
the rivers


come here, my child He said
you are and always were
the way I made you
perfect in my sight your heart
the part that makes you
My child, My work
of heart is loved not
for what is in the edge of the
mirror but for what
is mirrored by the heart of
you the part
My perfect art
that’s Me the glory

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