“That’s The News And I Am Outa Here”

Read Write Poem
Prompt – Headlines
(shown in italics)

Laptops given to Gaza’s children
While Nigerian denies child bride claim

Yemaya’s babies deserve better
She calls her own to her
They stumble home weary and worn

Indian radioactive death probed
Bank boss warned of tough times

The wizard is checking the cost
Ancient fears prevail like desert winds
Who could have predicted that

Murder charge in PlayStation row
Space rock has frosted surface

Oracle no longer heeded
Lost people wander single file
No compass or north star to guide

2 thoughts on ““That’s The News And I Am Outa Here”

  1. paschal

    Yemaya agrees. Called you to her nest, has she? That The wizard is checking the cost is haunting and the last three lines nail it all down beautifully.

    1. Dee Post author

      Such a strange day for headlines. They just dripped right onto the page. Same day a headline drew me to an article on FGM, a former model who has written a book and underwent the torture as a child. She escaped through desert to avoid a marriage she had been sold into. Couldn’t even go there. Horrific. I do better when I don’t read the news.

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