Heart Colours

Three Word Wednesday CLXXXVIII escape, hum, and vibrant

there are rooms in my heart
I move though them and change colour
a chameleon butterfly
sun dog after storm rays
changing with the seasons

timid wanting approval room  gray
and brown and fears mistakes
with a sinking stomach ache
hums through the dark fingering
good luck charm and how to manual

selfish blood red grabs self and shakes it
squeezing it dry for holding on too tight
resenting every and all and wishing
for more, for less for anything but what is
chewing bitterness gum

heart that escapes through the attic window
vibrant blue and yellow ochre
boat rocker, wing flapper
throw caution to the wind, faith leaper
poetry in motion, life lover

so I come here bringing all those selves
and hope for something that takes shape
that doesn’t crumble or tremble or
creep away in the shadows but
lets me sit amid the rooms in peace

21 thoughts on “Heart Colours

  1. ThomG

    The use of color really makes this a strong piece. However, using “of” in the first stanza kind of threw me. Personal preference, I know, but I re-read without them and I think it flowed better.

  2. tammy

    I loved this! Being in my home most of the time I have created my peace with color and hubby gave me the same outside.

    1. Dee Post author

      I am strongly affected by color too – I’m glad you have that peace. In AND out πŸ™‚

  3. Jay Thurston

    Colors bring out emotions, and separating them into their own corners of your heart is certainly a “colorful” concept. Good one Dee!

  4. Amity

    Very strong poem Dee…and what more, taking colors to manifest the things we have in life, made it even subtle…

    And yes, I believe that there’s so much rooms in our heart, carrying vibrant colors…colors that represent so many things in our life!

    Thanks Dee! Lovely poem!

  5. Dee Post author

    Thank you everyone – this one was so personal for me. Ann, my my my, Whitman? Wow..
    Jay – wouldn’t it be nice if we could really separate those things into neat compartments? Unfortunately I’m usually a bit messier than this poem. Stuff tends to mix.
    Amity – what a perfect way to put it. When we do it well, writing DOES subtly manifest πŸ™‚

  6. Thomma Lyn

    Gorgeous and moving. I love how you used color to paint the rooms of your mind. A great metaphor for the many selves inside the one.

  7. paschal

    Your gift for imagery continues to blow me away, and I love the way this poem runs like a fast, very fast, river. Run on, girl.

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