Little Boxes

We Write Poems prompt: Boxes

dust and shadows live in these corners
my hazy memories and dreams forgot
it was nice in the beginning
small but cozy became home I knew
the topography and the safe smell
I never stubbed my toes or bumped my head
or got surprised

then year upon year of staying and staying
and not going outside of the walls
safe became choice became no choice
became not living in rooms but
walking floors out of habit
when did I grow why are these bricks piled
so deep and high

hands placed on the wall slide along
feeling for cracks door was old and heavy
creaked with misuse but I pushed and pushed
and couldn’t budge the cage locked
I thought till I pulled and embraced
choice and saw the sun and air
breathed possibilities

first attempt at a Tanka

concealing paper
folded over treasured gifts
packed away secret
loved and never forgotten
wrapped in ribbon on a shelf

3 thoughts on “Little Boxes

  1. paschal

    Gorgeous. You and your sister Mary Oliver been having coffee together, I see. You been walking around with this stuff in you all these years? That’s some mighty mighty compost in you, girl.

    1. Dee Post author

      hubby would say I am full of compost! Mary Oliver is exactly like sitting down with someone I know very well and drinking coffee and saying what it is all like. I am addicted to her like I am to caffeine..

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