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Letter to the editor in yesterday’s paper.  Why would I print it here?  The author is my son 🙂

Letters to the Editor
May 19, 2010

I am a North Lamar High School graduate and the training on the NL debate team under Kristi Hodgkiss is why I am debating in college.

Recently The Paris News recognized the UIL achievements of Chisum students and NL One Act Play state championship. While I applaud those efforts, The Paris News coverage of academic achievements of students seems uneven.

Billy Goette, NLHS senior, twice state champion in Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking and the second student to bring home a state championship in three years, defending state champ, rose to the challenge competing for his second UIL state gold medal and competed at the National Forensics League national tournament three years.

Each student deserves recognition. Public support sends a message to incoming students. Competing in UIL competitions requires many practice hours, beyond regular academic requirements. Students are often involved in several UIL events. They practice after school and compete on weekends.

Support academics and actively encourage students to become involved in programs that prepare for college and present scholarship opportunities. Teachers and students of Lamar County are a great resource. I’d rather read positive stories about our community than lists of indictments. I challenge you to pursue and print those stories.

Kinsey Martin

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  1. paschal

    As I said about one of my students recently: “Clearly, the apple does not fall far from the tree, or the tree does not fall far from the apple.” Ditto here.

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