Pow prompt

this is not the way
I remember the book
I wonder why I fell
tell me please which
way to tea the cheshire cat
says walk on by and I
will try to listen to the march
hare I care about the
dormouse too who is the
latest greatest thing in wonderland
(but not the king) who is later
than all the cards add up
to more here than meets
the eye especially if
you are just looking for
your cat the white queen
is quite mean and
mushrooms make you
taller than all the houses
in the land
of wonder

4 thoughts on “Alice

  1. Dee Post author

    thanks everyone and Andy – the flamingoes are in my yard silly 🙂

    packing and cleaning out ten years worth of computer lab stuff for the move to the new campus is wearing me out. Hopefully I will have the worst of it behind me after this week and will be back on the blog.

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