Book contest on Confessions of a Wandering Heart

There is a contest on “Confessions of a Wandering Heart“.  The prize is a copy of “Deception” the first in a new YA paranormal series by author Lee Nichols.  The protagonist is Emma Vaile who according to Suzie Townsend’s review, “It’s the perfect combination of prep school Gossip Girl-esque drama and paranormal suspense and mystery.”

Sooo I get 1 for being a new follower. plus 1 for linking to the contest on my blog, 1 for twitter, 1 for facebook. 2, for adding her to my blogroll, and 3 for posting about her contest here.  Give me loving please Ms. Townsend.  If I win a copy, I will read it and then donate it to our high school library!

now I’m torn between telling you to run on over and enter and wanting you to stay away so I can win 🙂

3 thoughts on “Book contest on Confessions of a Wandering Heart

    1. Dee Post author

      I appreciate the sacrifice 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend. My dance card is full. Star viewing, art fairing, band watching, nap taking!

  1. paschal

    I was just about to say that things is easin’ up, but then my Yahoo Calendar reminded me that I’m on for tomorrow night’s church newcomers’ dessert. Moving right along . . .

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