Go Fly a Kite

One Word: Kite

It’s supposed to be a minute but sometimes…

kites and lights and sites
that please the eyes have
never been so clear so
near to all the joy of all the air
brightly colored paper thin
bits of wood and balls of string
send dreams and hopes up
to the clouds and how we
love to watch them dance
chance tearing wind and
we are on the ground but wish
to send our spirit up to
swoop and soar and climb
and not unwind too far
but just enough to touch
the more and out
of reach of hands and feet
sweet gravity is all that
holds our souls within
without it we would be
the kite and there would
be no tether

3 thoughts on “Go Fly a Kite

  1. Selma

    I really like your image of being on the ground watching the kites and wishing you could send your spirit up to join in. I have thought that many a time. You described it so beautifully. You are a lovely writer!

  2. paschal

    If I recall, you were blasting away here last year BEFORE school was out. At the rate you’re going, you may want to add some sandbags to your computer, cuz it looks like once again you iz about to lift off . . .

    Down here, 2 more days of finals, half day of Awards and general goofiness, 2 and a half teacher work days and out . . .

    1. Dee Post author

      we have til June 4 but they are flex weeks and so not as many students and more project oriented. I’ve been weeding through ten years of collected junk because of the upcoming move – last minute student project panic is over so maybe I can get done now 🙂

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