Morning Comes

One Single Impression: Tremble

branches tremble nimble
breezy crazy lightening flashes
crashes thunder under my bed
my roof the proof that we
are small and all that keeps us
here is how many feet between
us and that last strike I like
the knowing we are tenuous
and breath is precious and
storms are treacherous so
burrow down beneath the covers
til it’s over dawn will break
by faith we wake
We know we will be here in
bed the moon over
head but setting so the
sun can come and dry up all
the rain and pain and stain
of yesterday is gone we’re
new clean slate to do
the doings of the new day
start again for that
is what we do when
storms have past we
cast about for reasons
to believe when all we need
to know is we are here
and it is morning

3 thoughts on “Morning Comes

  1. paschal

    the doings of the new day . . .

    I like what you did with the prompting word, and I like how you round it all out in those last 8 lines.

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