Wash Me Clean

One Single Impression #117 Floating

Long week – feels good to be back

hemmed in on all sides
need a thicker hide
the water getting higher
and higher
all noise and fuss
music is the stream
a childhood dream
running jumping from
narrow ledge to narrow ledge
stop and teeter on the edge
petty grouchy whiny mean
that ledge is a razor
and it ain’t Occam’s
this really is just what it seems
no more the crowded hall
you don’t want to fall
down that hole

I would go down to the sea
where skin can
shed the days the ways
the all and spread my arms
touch nothing but space
and peace and toes
can leave prints in sand
and hand prints can
be had for shells and smells
of fish and salt and I
will walk to sunset gulls
will lead me on to
leave the trouble
horizon doubles as
the end where I can lay
it down and sun will
burn the dross away

1 thought on “Wash Me Clean

  1. paschal

    Love the contrast of the two stanzas, and of course, you know I love “and I / will walk to sunset gulls”. Who wouldn’t love sunset gulls?

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