Three Word Wednesday CXCI Abandon Precise Gradual

unable to remember
the precise moment
the turning
was it a point
a corner
a missed sign
a line crossed
so gradual
so bad you will
not notice not see
the change in direction
just shadows on
the wall we all need
protection from repercussions
choices abandoned
a hand on a shoulder
wiser older prone to thinking
not jumping not sinking
into sand it’s quicker
but stop and look
before you leap
keep the bones they
are not broken and
neither are you just
turn again you never
know where it will
take you for ever
is a long time to regret
forget heavy thoughts
you bought the atlas
turn the pages sages
don’t know everything
it’s just pretty pictures
little songs to sing don’t cling
to past mistakes just
shake it off and cross
it off the list the wish
the yesterday is gone
weighed down
in sleep awake
and take a chance

8 thoughts on “Dance

  1. one more believer

    now that was good, very good.. i liked the journey we took with you as you wondered thru a world full of thoughtful contemplation…only to rise again another day…just as before

    1. Dee Post author

      I think we “stick” ourselves and stay stuck because we don’t see a way out, never grokking on the fact that we put ourselves there. Sometimes the seemingly worst situations just require a change in attitude and perspective.

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