Wolf Moon Meadow

Three Word Wednesday cxciii: erase, meadow, trace

Jae sank down to the ground.  She whimpered.  “Too much! Too much!”  She buried her nose in the dirt but even that was alive with a million scents.  Aedan stopped and turned toward her.  His voice in her head, with all the night sounds.  He spoke over all the sounds and the invisible string from his voice attached itself to something deep in her.

She joined with the pack, erasing all trace of confusion.  She took a few steps and whined again. One of the others nipped at her hind quarters and before she could react, Aedan was between her and the offending wolf.  She looked on from the side as Aedan stared at the wolf, hackles bristling.  He stood silent and proud while the other wolf rolled onto its back, exposing it’s throat.  Aedan stared for a moment and then walked away.  Jae turned and followed close behind.

The meadow was bathed in moonlight. It made the silver tips of Aedan’s fur glow.  Aedan stopped and turned to look at her.  She hesitated, filled with the night and the strangeness.  She lowered her body, arched her back and tucked her tail.  She would trust him to keep her safe.

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  1. Dee Post author

    Thank you everyone – I appreciate all of your comments. I was trying to get a feel for the wolves and their interaction. Fun research.

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