Every Day

One Word: Matching
I’ve been to the local coffee
mecca lattes and frappes soy
bible studies and whispered
small town dreams and
schemes whipped cream
but sugar free light
bible belted covered sin
sipped through
watching eyes in
pretty words with bite

supermarket checkout
gossip rags surreptitiously read
by ladies in Reefs with
Oakleys pushed back on heads
of frosted hair just so
politely speak then slide
the card and hurry to the
other side matching
hummer waiting grating
on the nerves

big fish in little ponds
wave hands and wands
but don’t forget the
past is past and
worries fade and wade
into the deeper water
wait an hour after
supper houses curtained
watching eyes the dishes
washed away the sins
of day after day

tv shadows letterman
top ten answers to
your billion dollar question
assuage the guilt the quilt
will cover all the
bills come due and
you can’t lay the money down
you already paid and paid
and don’t know why
the kiss goodnight
the sleep
the lie

4 thoughts on “Every Day

  1. paschal

    Me gusta this one mucho. You had me at I’ve been to the local coffee, and I love the tussle between caffeine and caffeinated sin that rumbles in the first stanza. The herk and jerk of the whole thing is wonderful, not to mention the speculations of what in your day set this in motion. Was she one or two folks up from you in line at the tienda?

    1. Dee Post author

      You know sometimes there is not one single thing that sets off the poem alarms. A million little things, a walk around the track, a line in a song. Life in a small town. Any small town. Very judgmental of me as I have been guilty of surreptitiously reading in the checkout line….one must keep up with Brangelina and the Twilight cast you know 🙂 Are you still knee deep in world cup colors? Haven’t checked facebook in awhile to see if your avatar has been re-festooned.

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