Another chance

Sunday Scribbling 220: Birth and Big Tent Poetry: milk, resent, praise, hungry, dangerous, cough, part, dark, comfort, stars, dull

milk and honey
land awaiting someday
dangerous to bet
on future wishes
leaves you hungry
in the night
resentment dulls
the appetite
a cough in the dark
becomes fear
that too much time
has passed just
sing your praises
to the stars and
take comfort in
the arms of
the present
part the veil
brush the darkness
away for daylight
gives birth to
another chance

14 thoughts on “Another chance

  1. old egg

    What an enigmatic poem. Much of it reminds me of sleepless nights worrying about the unsolvable and being relieved when daylight means that inaction can now be reversed.

  2. Jae Rose

    Hi Dee- beautiful piece- ‘sing your praises to the stars’ was my favourite line..there was a nice balance of knowing the world can be a dark place but also finding hope – and light..Jae

  3. paschal

    There’s a zen-like, Ram Dass “be here now” quality to this poem. Grounding in the now. Having to shovel out all the school archives must have put you in mind of what is important and what not to sweat. You fold this omelet up quite beautifully, Ms Dee.

  4. Kate

    I’m with Old Egg… this portrays insomniac worries in the wee hours so well. Okay to save your poem to read the next time I have another night like that? Wonderful advice and beautiful writing.


  5. dorinny

    wow, quite a feat to get all those words in there, while keeping to the SS prompt as well!

    the last few lines are really fantastic. great verse 🙂

    ps: thank you so much for the comment, Im glad you found the post informative.

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