Writers Island: Change One Single Impression: Dawn and One Word: Tide

if I held the moon
in my hands
I would command
the ebb and flow of
ocean tides
hidden strings
wolves would sing
their night song
gazing at my face
my light would paint
the trees and streams
and though I change
and disappear
I would return
huge and bright
haunting  dreams

if I held the sun
I would pour it out
flowers lifting faces
following my path
I wake the birds
to sing you the dawn
while I bath the sky
watercolor ballet
delicate traces
bring forth sweat
as you toil
then rock you at eventide
a symphony of royal purple
and flame
setting and rising
warmth my name

But if I could breathe the wind
I would cover the sun and the moon
with clouds and
blow them all away again
make you chase your hat
while I laugh
the trees would dance and bow
as squirrels cling
the oceans leap and burst
spraying the sky with diamonds
seeds scatter to wait
for the sun
carry the birds
fill the sails
in darkness and light
power of butterfly wings

10 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Mr. Walker

    I like the progression from holding the moon and then the sun, but then breathing the wind, which cover the sun and moon. It becomes more intimate, literally closer.

  2. Dee Post author

    thank you Mr. Walker, that was my feeling as I wrote it.
    Wow Viv, thanks! It’s very cool to be a favorite 🙂

    1. Dee

      Thanks Anno – nice to have you visit. I’ve been very lazy lately and I need to shake this blog up again!

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