Vacation Begins

Writers Island: Imagine

There is a feel to Florida
like nowhere else I’ve been
the ocean softens the air
lazy hazy heat
back in the day
palm trees made me smile
tall and thin
strong and I
eager to run in the sun
I can still imagine that girl
and love the feel of sand
between my toes
but now I feel more kinship
with the liveoaks
dripping with spanish moss
I would sit in their shade
and listen to the bullfrogs
smell the ocean
and watch the palms sway
like so many ladies
fanning themselves
whispering secrets

4 thoughts on “Vacation Begins

  1. paschal

    Good start to the vacation. I like the life transition from palms to oaks, and to all the other trees not parading around in their palmy lean bikinis. Glad you have brought your light to those beautiful, if perhaps forlorn, beaches.

  2. Miss Alister

    Listening to the bullfrogs smell the ocean and watching palms as ladies fanning themselves… Them’s my favorites. I broke free for a spell and have been peppering (my version of peppering, that is, which is more like intermittently dotting) the internet with nonsense. Thought I’d spread some here while you was away and couldn’t defend yourself. Heh!

  3. Jerry J

    I love your transition from palms to live oaks and the imagery of the palms like ladies whispering secrets. Great writing!

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