Three Word Wednesday cxcvi acrid bane tepid

Hello from a motel in Opelousas 🙂

chocka chocka chocka
road seams keeping time
wheels turn wheels turn
taking me to and away
miles and miles of separation
mind numbing vibration
other lives not chosen
distance closing
change is coming
I am going home
other eyes other hands
trailing memories in my wake
what to take
and what to leave behind
years of days good times passing
in between the standing still
seconds ticking moments picking
what to choose what to lose
the pieces of
puzzle unfinished
would have wished for
less or more
a closing door
while I would throw
the window open
acrid smell of smoking
ashes burned up past
I cast aside the tide
the trees the sands of
dream stuff trickled
through my fingers
scent that lingers in
my hazy waking thoughts
we fought but kept
the peace the signs
were there
the choice we bear
hours of discussion
scenery keeps on rushing
past the kudzu frosting
we are lost in
separate but together ties
that bind us
still remind us
of the roads that swallow
up the miles
that start as inches
late night conversations
day to day familiar
obligations passions cooled
to tepid hesitation
future is a blacked out game
wishful thinking
all a bane
eternal as the pines and rain
I hold my breath a beat
or two
fingertip to fingertip
I walk with you

6 thoughts on “Ruminations

  1. paschal

    Whoa. Powerful ache in this beauty. What can come of time away from a keyboard. Mercy. Ain’t Opelousas the epi-center of regret? This poem sizzles with ache, yearning, circling round, circling. Love all of it, love this:

    would have wished for
    less or more
    a closing door

  2. ThomG

    So many lines that just sing out for praise and re-reading. I’m glad you took a rest – and even more glad you’ve come back to 3WW wth this piece.

  3. Dee

    My mother passed away seven years ago and that was the last time I saw my brothers. Life and illness and kids, time just passed. It made the time sweeter and also made it harder to leave….and Opelousas? Names and sights from the road will be showing up soon I think. Thanks guys and it IS good to be home!

  4. Nara Malone

    This sounds like the push and pull of family ties and moods and visits. tension and love in contrast. Beautifully done,Dee. I’ve missed reading your work.

    1. Dee

      it is hard when you are scattered all over the country – you hit it exactly. Glad you stopped by and found something to like 🙂

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