July 20 For The Days

July 20 Writer’s Book of Days prompt: Write about passing time

how far is home
I want to go
I bear the marks
a girl of ages
book of pages
written on a story
not of glory
just of living in
the days of years
of family choices
other voices
songs are sung
the pictures hung
with care each move
a home to prove
that I am here
and not a ghost
the most is best
the rest a test
it’s all perspective
eyes corrective
lens clad can see
beyond the trees
across the seas
the memories
the hopes are
forward not behind
the time has passed
and nothings ended
some pretending
act the part
and soon the heart
becomes the role
the chosen goal
the shore in sight
a warm clear night
we’ll sing a hymn
and dance the wind
will fill our sails
and all travails
will pass and land
we will our hands
to better work the morrow
no more sorrow
saved by grace we
face the sun forever

4 thoughts on “July 20 For The Days

  1. paschal

    Lovely grace in this:

    and land
    we will our hands
    to better work the morrow

    I like the older liturgical voice that lurks within you.

    1. Dee

      Sometimes I wonder if I break rules out of ignorance. Other times I don’t care. They are in my head so they end up here. Combining rap and liturgy?

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