July 21 Pack Light

Writer’s Book of Days prompt: Write about packing a suitcase

what would you take
the box is small
so you must choose what
will you use to
make the cut
will pride go in
it chafes you know
better to just let it go
a grudge is sludge
that clogs the way
and bitterness
tastes like it sounds
so leave that on the shelf
and disappointment
bad for health
it rips off joy
stop looking back
your suitcase full
will break your back
or heart just
let the bad stuff go
and travel light
regret will leak
and ruin all
and resentment
seems to be too tall
to fit inside and why
you’ll never need
in fact the case is
dead weight too
just leave it all and
hit the road
stepping down
the white lines
the gold mines
the dark pines
into the distance
dream the dance
the chance to make
the words up
as you go the
chorus all the love
that follows

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