Earnest T.

Three Word Wednesday CXCVIII: bait, jump, victim

Carefully shopping for each item on his list took time and research. People who were expert had to be approached carefully so they wouldn’t suspect what he was about. He had worked all week on his plans and was certain he was ready.  He donned all the special gear, he packed all his tools and slipped out in the pre-dawn darkness.  He could hear his own breathing in the silence.  He closed the car door with a quiet little snick and winced as the sound of the engine catching pierced the quiet.  He eased out of the driveway and went to what would be the site of his victim’s last appearance.  He was patiently waiting for the bait to be taken and when it finally happened he was so tense, sweating in the humid dawn, that he jumped and almost lost control of the situation.

At last the job was complete and he packed up, making sure he left no clue that he had disturbed the serenity of the solitary place.  One last glance around and savoring the feeling of triumph, he headed home.  He quietly eased back into the house and put everything away.  He started the coffee pot and when the aroma had filled the house, his wife stumbled to the kitchen in her robe and slippers.

“Hey there sleepy head.” He smiled and kissed her on the forehead handing her a cup.

“How did it go?” She asked after yawning.

“Look in the sink!” He pointed, his face saying everything.

There resting in all it’s glory, was a twelve pound bass.

14 thoughts on “Earnest T.

    1. Dee Post author

      Fish stories are not my usual thing but I just spent time with my brother and he loves fishing. If you expected something different then I did what I meant to do 🙂 Now to go read that somewhat violent ST story!

  1. paschal

    I thought: “Give Ms Dee a deadly triumvirate of bait, jump, and victim, I better duck now.” And, of course, you play it all Goth noir to our quivering sensibilities, and then pop the gentlest of surprises on one of your older conditioned readers. Nicely done, Sister Dee. (Well, maybe not gentle to the bass-victim.)

    I like that quiet little snick.

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