On The Road

The clouds were so low that I think you could have climbed on one of those graineries and stuck a broom handle up and stirred them to rain.  They left shadows on the ground and had depth and texture.

Raton Pass

Now I have eaten, been to the pool, and am presently drinking a mudslide.  Next is kindle and sleep.  Tomorrow Denver!

5 thoughts on “On The Road

    1. Dee

      We lived in Littleton when Kinsey was born so it’s kind of a little homecoming. Anxious to see the changes!

      1. Jessica

        He’s not coming til I get to come!!! 😀
        Miss you guys. Thought it’s been a nice four days with Shelbs. Good way to finish up the summer before we go back to school. 🙂 Glad you guys are having fun.

        (Btw, the house is still pretty clean. Took out the garbage and did the dishes this morning.)

        Loveee youuu. 🙂

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