August 8 Stealing Time

Writer’s Book of Days prompt: Write about something that was stolen

memories often link it
and shrink it
anticipation stretches it
catches it stopping it
waiting and hating the waiting
are hobbies you don’t want to choose
we lose it infuse it
with waste and haste
but a taste of sweet nothing
to do but be in the world
curled with a book or
just look at the sky
think on why we misuse
and abuse it once past
it is gone and you
can’t get it back get on track
like a thief we should sneak
away hide away
run away say that you will
I will too and we’ll steal
all that we need that
we want pay no heed
to the clock tick tick tock
it keeps running we’re
sunning ourselves on the rocks
and we won’t pay a price
or think twice though
the everyday world waits
and skates along fine
with no worry about where we
would hurry back
scurry back it’s still there
and our cares though
we dared we’re not scared
we confess no regrets
do the time take the time
make the time
hold it in hearts take in
filling and swelling
made bigger more room
for the rest now the
test flying colors
of blue, green and gold
flying by through the window
the glass keeps me in
but the air lets me out
throw it wide run outside
breath it in sigh it out
it’s our time we can shout
if we want or be quiet
and dream star filled nights
starlight ridge
builds a bridge between
never ends