Saturday Morning Walk

What is that saying?  If I can’t set a good example let me be a warning?  This morning as I was enjoying my music and my two miles around the track I was passed by army guys, GI Joes in training.  As I finished my first lap the uniformed dudes that were standing around keeping time yelled at them to step it up and stop running like girls.  After I passed they were calling out to the ones walking “Don’t let the old lady beat you!” (My mp3 player was playing “Too Late To Apologize” by One Republic at that moment) Seriously?

Thanks army guys.  You keep wearing camo.  I have a car and great insurance lol….

I left the track and treated myself to a Chai Latte.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Walk

  1. Miss Alister

    Why those expletiving sons of expletives and their expetiving nerve! I’d kick their expletiving expletives to the moon and show those expletiving dogfaces who’s expletiving old! Really Dee, you must be all Zen’d out coming off summer and vacation and cabins and all, ‘cause I swear I remember a day when you was all sass and frass. Well, it’s just as well. Statistics say it reduces cortisol and a buncha other stuff : )

    1. Dee Post author

      I’m working on staying all zen’d out. Starting the new year soon, in a new building, with all new equipment, and I know from experience that things will not work right. I am determined to refrain from murdering anyone or giving myself an aneurysm. I may be writing about an “expletive GI Joe”in the near future 🙂

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