A View of Stars

Sunday Scribbling Prompt: View

you were small my all
pajamas yellow
soapy powder smell
blue quilt fence row
pattern you know
I stitched round
tiny mound
the middle of
your bed I said
wake up I want to show
it’s cold so wrap up in the
blanket in my arms come here
it’s late but wait the sky
is clear and bright the stars
tonight you see come out
and we will lie our
bodies down on our back
porch and wonder wish
we’ll make and take
for granted that it will
come true and you will
not remember but the view
I can’t forget I tucked it
in my heart the quilt
a part of sky and you
the stars your eyes
I wished you and
you came to be

13 thoughts on “A View of Stars

  1. old egg

    What deep memories you triggered by this beautiful piece. The imaginary friends of mine and of my children reappeared. We encouraged them and talked about them to one daughter. But eventually they went on their way and we (and they?) had to cope on our own.

  2. Linda May

    Second comment Hahaha. My Dad used to lay with us on the back porch on summer nights and watch the stars and he would sing us cowboy songs in the days before we had T.V. The world turns and we do the same loving things with our own children if we are lucky. I wonder what the computer generation will be doing, seeing it on screen instead?

    1. Dee Post author

      I hope not. As much of a computer nerd as I am, I still get excited about things like mountains and meteor showers…
      Hopefully we will pass that on 🙂 I love that your dad sang cowboy songs to you. We sang in the car to keep the kids amused. For hours on long trips…they may need therapy!

  3. Jae Rose

    Lovely piece Dee – I could really feel the warmth,mystery and childlike wonder (I particularly like the line ‘I tucked it in my heart’ jsut lovely)..hope it’s nice to be back home..Jae 🙂

    1. Dee

      It is wonderful to be home – we had a lovely time but missed our own bed. Thank you, Jae – hope all is well with you.

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