Being Invisible

Three Word Wednesday CCI: Joke, Leverage, Remedy

you think that it’s a joke
but I don’t laugh I don’t
think any of it’s funny honey
you can give the reasons
every season ticking off the fingers one
by one you think it’s comedy and
I don’t have a remedy for you
the problem is too big and
you can’t see beyond your nose
I’m here I’m real
I feel that age is just a number
tied to outside
but inside leverage brains
and feelings eyes
that see the peeling
ceiling of your heart
it’s shallow you are missing
out and I won’t pout
I’ll close my eyes so I don’t see
you not seeing me

8 thoughts on “Being Invisible

  1. Dee

    Thanks Thom and Dina – guess I have been in a “mood” lately! Better it ends up here than me slapping someone lol.

  2. anno

    I always enjoy the way you play with words, and the perspective of this particular poem really speaks to me. Loved the phrase, “the peeling ceiling of your heart” — great image. Welcome home!

    1. Dee

      Thank you. There is something about being female and (yuck – I hate this phrase) middle-aged that seems to make us invisible. Frankly, it pisses me off.

  3. b

    Dee, I reread this and thought, hmmmm, this reminds be of a relationship between a younger and an older. Friendship or love? Still it is all there!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting…I do appreciate you attention more than you know. I did twit this on tweetmeme.

    I like your list of education blogs. I see you have included Jeff Utech. His wife’s blog is called Thinking Chick. She is a very talented writer herself but doesn’t love it like Jeff does.


    1. Dee Post author

      b – thanks. Not a relationship – just the world in general lol. It just seemed clearer to write as though speaking to a specific individual 🙂
      I’ll check out the thinking chick!

  4. michaelo

    I can feel the frustration in this, Dee! I too love the “peeling ceiling of your heart” line. Great imagery and flow in that line!

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