I Feel A Kinship

I feel a kinship
with wild things
today was the day after
summer’s last hurrah
the heavy warmth of
summer blown away
by autumn stirring and
just like that
no farewell summer
just waltzed out the door
her scent fading into
the clouds

next door fifteen hummingbirds
played hockey
they moved so fast it
took several tries to count them
The goalies held their
stations and the game was
so fierce there were
frequent visitors to
the penalty box
though it didn’t seem
to matter who won
it was all about the play

the ground action rivaled as
silly squirrels played freeze tag
chasing each other round and
round the tree trunk
lightening fast then
frozen statues as breath held
before the chase began
again but wait
a scavenger hunt
oh we should play
and off they went only to
return to freeze again

The wind played with
the trees and leaves
sang and danced
knowing time is short
and so pouring their
passion into a performance
that would never be repeated
foreshadowing their final
bow as graceful
ballerinas they pirouette
and softly come to ground
they whisper farewell

I feel a kinship
with wild things

2 thoughts on “I Feel A Kinship

  1. Miss Alister

    I especially like this one. …the heavy warmth of summer…just waltzed out the door, her scent fading… A captivating vision. Hummingbirds in the penalty box, I love it! And ooh, …pouring their passion into a performance that would never be repeated… Yes, you received mucho inspiration on this one, Dee : )

    1. Dee Post author

      this was a special one for me – I felt it as it the words came. It was born on the back porch. The back porch and the track are good places for me. Thanks for dancing through 🙂

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