Winter Witches

Witches wail while I wait
wrapped in winter worry.
White surrounds me, fog confounds me.
I no longer know the edges of the flurry.
Furry thoughts and fuzzy dreams, I’m
Wrapped in frozen moments where you
cannot reach me. Teach me to be
open to the sun. The dark has crept in
through the cracks, it breaks my back.
My bones are weary splintered into
dreary wistful wanderings. My feet,
they slip and trip, and witches lips chant
muttered words that waste this season.
I will huddle deeper in the muddle of
the covers, pulled around and up above my
head. The dread seeps in and like the
cold it makes me brittle, shattered
little pictures in my mind, the kind
I can’t get out. I can’t shout or
they will find me, wind me all around
and through the walls. The witches
walk right through so how can I
protect my heart? The part they
want needs warmth to melt the
toughened outer shell. The spell
they work will never tell you
what is true.