The Princess of Lettuce

allpoetry prompt: significant memory

working as a salad girl
just a kid myself
busy Sunday afternoon
kitchen humming waitresses in black
and white swinging in and out
through doors with balanced trays
and tips in their pockets
you walk in with your dad and I stop curious
customers are not a kitchen fixture
but you are being led and I hear him ask
can you hear this and smell that
then he describes the beautiful princess
dressed in white
and smiles at me before leading you out
and I was glad you could not see
clown princess mascara running
down little girl cheeks
blindly scooping lettuce into plastic bowls

6 thoughts on “The Princess of Lettuce

  1. Dee

    More like I was being taught about empathy early…I believe these kind of things happen to us for a specific purpose. It was too scripted to be an accident, as though someone said “this is what needs to happen to her at this moment.” and then carried out the lesson 🙂

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