Poetry On The Kindle

PoemHunter.com has a section that allows you to download free ebooks.  They are in pdf format so you do not have to have a kindle to take advantage.  You can read them on any device that supports pdf.  I run these through calibre and convert them to .mobi files and drag them over to my kindle to carry around and read whenever I have a spare moment.

There are over 300 pages of ebooks listed – some classic. If you will look on the right in the sidebar there is a section of top download poets and there you will find Langston Hughes, Emily Dickenson, Charles Bukowski, Walt Whitman and more. You can also find many of the familiar poets at the very end so click on the last page and work your way forward.  If you are feeling more adventurous you might click a random name and discover something new.  If you don’t see your favorite poet listed you can search PoemHunter and you may just find a treasure to download. Some ebooks may only contain one poem, others are entire collections.


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